RUSSIA: New procedure for registration of the declaration of conformity

Since 01.01.2021

On 01.01.2021 a new procedure for the registration of the declaration of conformity has come into force. From now on, the declarations of conformity will be registered independently by the applicant in an online service.

This means that the system, and not an employee of the authority, will check the accuracy of the submitted information and documents and determine whether they meet the specified requirements. The system will automatically register the declaration of conformity in the unified register.

The following persons resident in EAWU may act as applicants:

  • Manufacturer,
  • the person authorized by the manufacturer,
  • importer
  • or distributor.

All these persons are responsible for the safety of the declared products.

The following products are excluded from this new procedure:

  • Products supplied for federal government needs under the state defense mission.
  • Products used to protect information that constitutes state secrets or relates to information protected under restricted access legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Products whose information constitutes state secrets.

In individual exceptional cases, an accreditation body will continue to carry out the registration of the declaration of conformity. These exceptional cases apply only when legislation requires registration by an accreditation body.

Examples of these exceptions are the following Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union (Eurasian Customs Union):

  • TR ZU 006/2011 - Safety of pyrotechnic articles.
  • TR ZU 001/2011 - Safety of railroad rolling stock
  • TR ZU 002/2011 - Safety of high-speed railway transportation

It should be noted that the documents must be signed with an extended qualified electronic signature of the applicant. This signature can be set up and acquired by the applicant in an accredited certification body. The absence of this extended qualified electronic signature will lead to the rejection of the registration of the declaration of conformity.

Do you have any questions about the new registration for the declaration of conformity in Russia? Our experts will be happy to help - just contact us!

Published on 04.02.2021
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