Crisis consulting by Product Compliance Specialists

In view of the complexity of product compliance, it is to be expected that individual provisions may be overlooked.  This can, however, have potentially very serious consequences.  A quick and reliable answer is needed.

Advice and assistance by the GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE experts is at your service to guide you through any crisis situation.

Focused first-aid

Timely advice in the event of a sales ban, product recall notice or customs issue. Resolving any situation rapidly and effectively.

Examples of Product Compliance crisis scenarios


Your company has to prevent an imminent sales ban or is suddenly confronted with sanctions imposed by market surveillance authorities.


Safety issues have arisen regarding a product already placed on the market and you need to initiate a product recall.


Your company is being threatened with contractual penalties.


The import of your product to a destination country is is held by customs and denied market entry.

The right way out of a crisis

The professionals at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE have assisted in the successful management of many such crises over the years.  To resolve your situation as quickly as possible, we analyze the problem and together decide whether to also bring in experts from our network.

Confidentiality and discretion are our top priority at all times.  We establish various solution scenarios and discuss with you which ones are likely to produce the best outcome.  We then contact the relevant institutions on your behalf, conduct the necessary discussions or mediate between you and the competent authorities.

Together we can find a way out of any crisis. Trust in our experience.

Case studies

A customer was notified by the authorities that a sales ban had been placed on their household appliance in Spain.  In response to this, our experts contacted the competent authorities and carried out a review of the imposed sanction.  It was found that the supplier, a manufacturer, had had insufficient knowledge of the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC.  This finding resulted in the manufacturer being made aware of the improvements needed to his supplier management or assessment and the purchasing department handling product compliance issues in a more professional manner.

Supplier caused a sales ban

Our Credentials

Selected case studies demonstrate how we have actively advised and assisted a variety of organizations in a crisis situation.  For reasons of discretion, we do not publicize the names of our customers.  We would be pleased to present further case studies to you in a personal conversation!

Comprehensive product compliance expertise
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