The Product Compliance Portal: ROGER WILLCO

Companies offering their products for sale in Europe and elsewhere find themselves confronted with a growing number of regulatory requirements in relation to the initial research of market authorization requirements as well as the obligation to keep up to date – tasks that are difficult to master without expertise and support.

Some companies have in-house experts who can take on these projects.  However, even they also need a central tool that can collate and manage the necessary information on market authorization requirements and legislation.  In addition, they also need an early-warning system, which automatically alerts them to all relevant new regulatory requirements as they come into force in the respective markets.

In response to this situation, GLOBALNORM developed a tool that meets those requirements: ROGER WILLCO.



The Product Compliance Tool

Automated gathering and monitoring of all regulatory requirements in the one place, so you can be sure you're placing compliant products on the market.

Product Compliance portal features






Link your products to regulatory requirements of the target market


Create Declarations of Conformity easily on demand


Establish current requirements in selected countries quickly and efficiently


Determine current requirements for individual industries instantly and accurately


Contact independent Compliance experts


  • Identify current regulatory requirements in other countries
  • Link products to requirements
  • Identify and communicate transition periods
  • Evaluate amendments to Standards and Regulations
  • Create Declarations of Conformity
  • Contact independent Product Compliance experts
  • Purchase Standards; have your Nautos data imported (export license required)


  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)
  • Safety Requirements (product-related)
  • Use of the radio spectrum and its authorization requirements
  • RoHS, WEEE, energy efficiency requirements
  • General conditions of market access

The advantages of ROGER WILLCO

Be absolutely certain that you're placing compliant products on the market.  When it comes to Product Compliance, you can rely on the professional support of our database solution and our experts.

A compliant product is a competitive advantage

Using ROGER WILLCO guarantees that your Standards portfolio and all associated regulatory requirements are up to date at all times.  Relevant requirements are no longer overlooked, even if they do not yet extend to your product.  This minimizes risks and prevents economic loss up to and including a sales ban.

Internal Knowledge Management and the fulfilment of Quality Management requirements (e.g. Chapter 8.2.2 of ISO 9001:2015) are no longer an obstacle with ROGER WILLCO.

Accurate Declarations of Conformity in minutes

CE Marking Officers, Product Compliance Officers, Product Managers, R&D staff or technical documentation editors can easily access all relevant information regarding their products and target markets using ROGER WILLCO.  Product-related global market access requirements can be determined quickly and efficiently, as well as linked to products and monitored.  In addition, ROGER WILLCO can create and store compliance-relevant documentation on demand (e.g. EU Declarations of Conformity, Installation Declarations, EU Performance Declarations).


By experts for economic operators

The ROGER WILLCO Product Compliance Portal provides access to current international market authorization requirements via a research platform based on the ever-expanding knowledge of qualified Product Compliance professionals.  In addition, ROGER WILLCO also provides access to an unbiased advisory service.  ROGER WILLCO is aimed at manufacturers, importers and distributors just as much as at testing laboratories.


More on Roger Willco

Case studies

our Credentials

Selected case studies demonstrate how we have competently and reliably advised and assisted a variety of organizations on all aspects of Product Compliance Management.  For reasons of discretion, we do not publicize the names of our customers.  We would be pleased to present further case studies to you in a personal conversation!

Global radio frequency tables and licensing requirements for short range devices are being monitored for a large automotive corporation on a regular basis, with the associated documentation being delivered via our platform.


We're monitoring the applicable EU Directives and Ordinances as well as IEC and CSA Standards on energy efficiency, RoHS and electrical safety for a small to medium-sized enterprise in the field of aeronautical and propulsion engineering.


As the authorized representative in Europe of a Canadian company, we keep the necessary documents ready that are required in Europe by market surveillance authorities (technical documentation, EU Declarations of Conformity) in accordance with Regulation (EC) 765/2008 and the relevant product-specific EMC and Low Voltage Directives.


Comprehensive product compliance expertise
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