Market authorization consulting

It's a long road before a product is in store.  From manufacturer via importer to the distributor – each economic operator has to resolve specific issues unique to their respective role and responsibilities in the supply chain. 

Our experienced team comprises standardization experts, fully qualified lawyers, CE Mark experts and Regulatory Affairs specialists.  We research, interpret and document all relevant information for you and, if necessary, draw on our extensive network of experts in particular subject areas.

Placing compliant products on the market

Knowing, understanding and conforming to market authorization requirements ensures your product launches run smoothly worldwide.

The right way to market authorization

For manufacturers

You're a manufacturer and want to export, but you're not sure of the regulations in the destination country?  Let the specialists at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE research mandatory market authorization requirements for each country, paying particular attention to local laws and standards.  The evaluation and interpretation of rules and regulations is just as much a part of our service spectrum as an assessment of all your suppliers in the product development process.

For importers

You're an importer and want to import your goods into your country without difficulty?  Let our experts provide the support you need to circumnavigate all obstacles with ease.  Our binding advice ensures you can import your goods in full compliance with the law.

For distributors

You're a distributor and want to prevent a sales ban being issued to you by a market surveillance authority or notifying body?  The experts at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE assess your product's declaration of conformity (DoC) and assist you in drawing up inspection plans conforming to regulatory requirements.  In addition, we can set up a product recall management system ready to roll out to all market operators involved.

Case studies

our credentials

Selected case studies demonstrate how we have competently and reliably advised and assisted a variety of organizations on all aspects of market authorization and approval.  For reasons of discretion, we do not publicize the names of our customers.  We would be pleased to present further case studies to you in a personal conversation!

Prior to a relocation of machinery to Brazil, Mexico and China, the issue of which regulatory requirements for machinery safety had to be observed when importing these second-hand machines needed to be resolved.


GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE reviewed the CE Marking requirements for an aeronautical simulation system (company's own use) under the EMC Act and the 1st Ordinance of the Product Safety Act.

For a specialist dealer in beds and accessories, we have researched the entire range of relevant product safety requirements for Chile. Starting with the product safety law, toy law, food and feed code (LFGB), of course the counterparts to the low voltage and radio equipment directive, RoHS, WEEE, batteries/rechargeable batteries and REACH up to regulations for eco-design/energy consumption relevant products (ErP), the chemical labeling according to CLP/GHS, specifications for the handling of biocides, detergents, hazardous substances as well as specifications for wood (EUTR/CITES) and of course the classic: specifications for packaging. With the help of this comprehensive information, the specialist retailer has a sound decision-making basis for his expansion into the South American market.

For a globally active manufacturer of milking systems, we determined the regulatory requirements for placing a milking robot on the market and operating it in South Korea. This includes, among other things, the requirements for EMC, radio spectrum and approval, machine safety, hygiene and food contact. In addition, we researched the technical standards that must be applied to milking robots in South Korea. Based on this information, the milking system manufacturer can approach the export to the South Korean market in a goal-oriented manner.

Comprehensive product compliance expertise
Compliance News
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