Product Compliance Management

The demands placed on products today are steadily becoming more complex.  This in turn increases the liability of manufacturers who are responsible for ensuring the products they place on the market are safe.

A Product Compliance Management system ensures all parties involved are kept informed of the requirements that apply to your product and your sales market.  That way you can guarantee only safe products enter into the free movement of goods.

    A system creates a safe product

    Managing all market authorization information intelligently to give you a better overview and minimize liability risks.

    We can actively assist your organization throughout the entire implementation phase of your Product Compliance Management system upon request.


    The Right way to reliable Product Compliance Management

    In the context of Product Compliance Management, the following issues need to be resolved:

    • What should your product compliance processes look like?
    • What are the respective responsibilities of each person involved?  For example, who may and who must sign the EU Declaration of Conformity?
    • How could a Product Compliance Management system be implemented company-wide?  What competencies should the respective employees have?
    • Who could assist and audit you during implementation?
    • What are the features of a product recall management system in accordance with legal requirements?  


    Step by step towards Greater efficiency and safety

    GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE offers a comprehensive Product Compliance Management consulting package.  At the beginning of our consultation we map out the questions, issues, goals and objectives unique to your company.  Based on that, we create an initial concept showcasing various solution scenarios.  Once you've selected a particular approach, we'll actively assist you throughout the implementation process.  A process consultation rounds off our comprehensive service package.

    We also offer the following services

    Product Compliance Verification Services

    We take a close look at your product compliance processes to date:

    • Have the correct standards and legal provisions been applied?
    • Were the requisite conformity assessment procedures applied correctly?

    Auditing Product Compliance Management

    We get to the bottom of these types of questions:

    • How are supply parts verified for product compliance?
    • What does the product development process look like?
    • How are product requirements in regard to market authorization regulations of the respective target markets and their legislation and standards determined in accordance with ISO 9001 (Sections 7.2.1 and 7.2.2) and monitored in accordance with Section 4.2.3?


    Depending on your needs, we also conduct workshops with the staff members and business units or departments of your organization involved in processes relevant to product compliance.


    A strong network for special cases

    Long-standing affiliations with companies in our network complement our portfolio.  When our expertise reaches its limits, we always know who to turn to for help.

    • For all aspects of risk management (e.g. as per ISO 31000, ONR 49000), supplier management, change management as well as project management, we have been collaborating successfully with independent business consultant Dr. Matthias Vieth.
    • Product recall management is one area of expertise that Professor Thomas Klindt of Noerr LLP law firm advises on, in addition to the invaluable advice he has provided in many areas throughout our long-standing cooperation.

    All GLOBALNORM partners

    Case studies

    Several discount supermarkets commissioned our GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE experts to review and assess the declarations of conformity (DoC) of their non-food consumer products.  In addition, we provided requirements management (RM) support to the purchasing agents by addressing questions such as which regulations and standards a children's tent, for example, has to fulfil under the Toys Directive.

    As a result, the likelihood of potentially offering non-compliant products for sale was decreased, together with the customer's liability risk.  Our customer was especially impressed by our expertise and short response times.

    compliant product purchasing for distributors

    our credentials

    Selected case studies demonstrate how we have competently and reliably advised and assisted a variety of organizations on all aspects of product compliance.  For reasons of discretion, we do not publicize the names of our customers.  We would be pleased to present further case studies to you in a personal conversation!

    Comprehensive product compliance expertise
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