Our Market Access Guides – Your guide to Product Compliance

When companies want to export their goods, complex preparatory work is necessary.  Clarification is needed on whether legislation similar to the European harmonization legislation on labeling (marking) exists in non-EU countries.

The professionals at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE know which information you can rely on.  Based on their expertise, we have compiled Market Access Guides for you for a range of countries, offering guidance and comprehensive information on the respective market authorizations required by law in those countries for various industry sectors.

Your product's passport

The most important market authorization requirements at a glance for successfully placing your goods on the market of your choice.

Our expertise – Your reliable fount of all knowledge

You simply want an initial overview of what legal obligations and market authorization requirements you can expect to encounter in particular countries? Our market access guides provide you with the necessary introductory information.

If you have a particular set of questions, our subject matter experts would be pleased to prepare a market access guide specifically on your product or problem in the country of your choice.

GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE Market Access Guides include:

  • An extensive compilation of links
  • Useful literature references
  • An overview of labeling / marking requirements in tabular form
  • Contact details of important agencies and authorities
  • Extensive FAQ as a To Do list
Market Access Guides – Product Compliance

Our market access guides on product compliance include general product safety requirements as well as EMC requirements for electrical / electronic products, radio and telecommunications terminal equipment.

Prices are in Euro excl. sales tax.

The expert-verified information package for compliant products in the EEA

Are you looking for essential information on placing your products on the market in the European Economic Area? Save your resources and nerves – use the knowledge compiled by our experts!

Market Access Guides – Machinery Safety

Our market access guides on machinery safety include fundamental Occupational Health & Safety and EMC requirements for electrical machinery and equipment in the respective country.

Prices are in Euro excl. sales tax.

Case studies

Individual Market Access Guides

The interpretation of regulatory requirements regarding products for civil or military use, machinery and equipment on the global market varies from one project to another in accordance with your product, its country of origin and the destination country.  Among other things, the interpretation takes into account requirements that apply in the respective target market regarding safety, electromagnetic compatibility and materials used in conformance with relevant local environmental legislation.

Often this involves countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Russia and EU Member States.  Yet we've also compiled market access guides for less frequently requested countries such as Israel and Colombia.

Best Practice: Preparing a Market Access Guide for Colombia

A client wanted to import a product into Colombia.  We conducted the initial research and had to find answers to these kinds of questions:

  • Are IEC standards accepted in Colombia?
  • Is there any relation to the standardization situation as it applies in the US market (NEC, NFPA)?  Do those standards have legal force in Colombia?
  • Does a standard voltage apply throughout Colombia and what types of power outlets are used to supply consumer electricity?
  • Does a list of National Standards exist?
  • Does Colombia have a national Conformity Assessment (CA) procedure for placing products on the market?
  • Who are the national notifying / approval authorities or agencies?  How are they to be involved in market authorization and the product launch?
  • Does Colombia have Directives similar to the Machinery Directive and the EMC Directive?
  • What Directives need to be observed and what authorizations are required in regard to telecommunications and remote communications equipment?
  • What national Directives, CA and market authorization procedures exist regarding equipment and systems intended for medical use?   
Comprehensive product compliance expertise
Compliance News
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