SCIP database: delay in the publication of data

Due to technical problems

The European Chemicals Agency ECHA announced on March 18, 2021 that the publication of the collected data will be delayed due to unforeseen technical problems.

The background of the data collection in SCIP (Substances of Concern in Products) is to offer recycling or waste companies and consumers more transparency about the presence of hazardous substances in products. Since January 5, 2021, there is therefore an obligation for suppliers of articles to provide relevant information on SVHCs (Substances of very high concern) in ECHA's SCIP database.

The number of SCIP dossiers has been steadily increasing, reaching 7.5 million notifications from around 3,600 companies in mid-March.

In addition, there continue to be problems processing SCIP dossiers that contain more than 1,000 components. Such dossiers have not been processed further since March 26, 2021, and remain in "pending" status.

The recommendations in ECHA's user guides "Requirements for SCIP notifications" and "Key tips for successful SCIP notifications" should be taken into account to ensure a successful submission.

If you have any uncertainties or questions, please feel free to contact us! You will also find many helpful answers in our webinar "Requirements for SCIP database" (in german).

Published on 13.04.2021
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