RUSSIA: Status quo of export requirements for radio equipment

Technical rules and other necessary documents

Since the founding of the Eurasian customs union, 48 technical regulations (TR) have been adopted, specifying product-related (technical) requirements for particular sectors. For radio equipment, as we know from the EU, there is no technical regulation.

So what to you need to bear in mind when exporting products to Russia that transfer data using radio waves (e.g. Wi-Fi or Bluetooth)?

  • A) Just as in the EU, products must fulfill EMC requirements. Here, TR ZU 020/2011 applies.
  • B) Next comes TR ZU 004/2011 “On the Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment”. If the operating voltage lies outside voltage limits, this TR does not apply.
  • C) Since 01.03.2020, TR EAEU 037/2016 “On the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment” applies.
  • D) The FAC declaration (Telecom declaration/certificate) is required if a product creates a connection to a wireless or fixed access network. The Ministry of Communication certifies that the equipment conforms to the given parameters.
  • E) A license from the Ministry of Trade and Industry is relevant for around 40 product categories that are subject to export/import restrictions.
  • F) An FSS notification or FSS exemption letter from the Russian secret service is required for customs clearance. This document is required for equipment that contains encryption (cryptographic) means.

If you’re unsure what these technical provisions mean for your products on the Russian market, ask our experts!

Published on 29.10.2020
Category: EAC, Fokus Industry, Fokus Consumer Goods & Retail, Fokus Electrical and Wireless, Compliance

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