Long awaited EU list of important EMC standards

Short transitional period for many products

The following EMC Directive standards were listed in the Official Journal of the EU (L366/2020), on 4.11.2020. They give rise to a presumption of conformity as of that date:


EN 55011:2016

EN 55011:2016/A1:2017

EN 55011:2016/A11:2020

Industrial, scientific and medical devices

- Radio disturbance

- Limits and methods of measurement

EN 55014-1:2017

EN 55014-1:2017/A11:2020

Electromagnetic compatibility

- Requirements for household appliances and similar apparatus

- Part 1: Emitted interference

EN IEC 55015:2019

EN IEC 55015:2019/A11:2020

Limits and methods of measurement for radio disturbance of electrical lighting and similar electrical devices

EN 55032:2015

EN 55032:2015/A11:2020

Electromagnetic compatibility of multimedia equipment and installations

- Requirements for emitted interference

EN 62026-2:2013

EN 62026-2:2013/A1:2019

Low-voltage switchgear and control gear

- Controller device interfaces (CDIs)

- Part 2: Actuator sensor interface (AS-i)

The preceding standards lose their presumption of conformity on 5th May 2022, which means that the transition period is only 18 months.

The first four standards are new editions with a new European annex. The standards are all familiar from the IEC. The changes are considerable.

If you have questions or need more information about that, our EMC experts will be glad to hear from you via our contact form!

Published on 05.11.2020
Category: Fokus Consumer Goods & Retail, Fokus Electrical and Electronics, Fokus Wireless, Compliance, Standards

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