KAZAKHSTAN: EPR requirements revised

Valid since 30th June 2020

On 20th June 2020, the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan published Decision no. 377, a revised version of the extended producer responsibility, or EPR. Since 30th June 2020, manufacturers and importers of products that are subject to extended producer responsibility in Kazakhstan are obliged to adhere to the revised version.

So far the scope covers the following product categories:

  • Motor vehicles, automotive components: Tires, batteries, oil and special fluids 
  • Packaging: Plastic, metal, paper and cardboard, glass, drinks cartons            
  • EEE: Household appliances, electronic devices, batteries and accumulators, gas discharge lamps 
  • Agricultural equipment, cabling and wiring products

EPR obligations arise for a manufacturer from the moment a finished product is listed as such in the manufacturer’s internal records. For importers the obligations apply from the moment the products cross the national border into Kazakhstan. Manufacturers and importers are obliged to ensure the collection, transport, recycling and/or utilization of the products and packaging in question.

If you need support with regard to fulfilling EPR obligations, feel free to contact us!

Published on 29.10.2020
Category: Fokus Consumer Goods & Retail, Fokus Electrical and Electronics, Compliance

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