8th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference and PCO Expert Dialogue

23.-25.11.2020 in Berlin

It's a good six months since our last conference with over 100 participants and consistently positive feedback. For us, one conference follows hot on the heels of the next, and we’ve been busy planning and organising for several weeks now. Since we’ve already been asked several times when the next conference will take place and if you can already register, we don't want to keep you in suspense any longer:

The 8th GLOBALNORM Product Compliance Conference will take place on 24th and 25th November 2020. The event location will stay the same: the Golden Tulip Hotel here in Berlin. What will be different is the content focus, which we have developed taking into account your feedback forms and suggestions as well as the currently increasing need seen in company enquiries. This time the focus of numerous talks and tutorials will be on the topic of “Product Compliance & Cyber Security”. As well as our team of GLOBALNORM experts, we have booked and will be inviting specialists from industry, testing laboratories and other institutions. 

For a first glimpse at the planned topics, have a look at our events page. With over a year to go until the conference we’re still in the middle of planning topics and approaching speakers. We’ll keep you informed regularly on our events page and via our product compliance newsletter. If you would like to contribute a talk or tutorial, or if you have an idea for a specific topic, we’d be very happy to talk to you!

The day before the conference, on 23rd November, 2020, we’ll once again be holding our Expert Dialogue for Product Compliance Officers. Thanks to numerous newly certified participants in our PCO Training we are looking forward to some interesting discussions here too! We plan to publish more details and open for registration in early 2020. We recommend that conference participants reserve their spot for the PCO Expert Dialogue when they register.

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