Comprehensive Product Compliance Management

Identifying relevant product specifications required by law for sales markets in Europe or globally is a major challenge.  Each department in a company usually only has partial knowledge of product compliance.  Gathering and combining all knowledge correctly is a tedious and time-consuming task.  The necessary resources are often insufficiently budgeted for and regulatory intelligence processes are not introduced as a result.

Regulatory Intelligence supported by experts

A single point of contact is needed – a neutral specialist who enables access to reliable information.  You'll find such specialists at GOBALNORM COMPLIANCE.  Our combination of legal and technical expertise is one of our distinguishing competencies and ensures dependable consultancy services in all phases of product development.  You can count on us, especially in a crisis

In addition, we offer the ROGER WILLCO Product Compliance portal which provides information on current international market access and entry requirements.  Our Market Access Guides provide you with an excellent overview of the relevant regulations that apply in those markets.


Authorization or certification – mandatory or voluntary?

The experts at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE can help you differentiate between mandatory and voluntary market authorization requirements.  It's that easy to obtain information and a statement you can rely on, letting you separate the obligatory from the optional.

Compliant products worldwide

Know, understand and correctly meet the legal requirements of your target markets.


The right way in the vast field of market authorizations.

Take advantage of our expertise on all aspects of regulatory governance and market authorization requirements worldwide.

Comprehensive product compliance expertise
Compliance News
The 7th GLOBALNORM Conference Product Compliance in retrospect

Thank you to over 100 participants and 11 speakers

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WEEE: "Passive" devices as of 01.05.2019 regulated by ElektroG

stiftung ear adjusts regulations to those of many other European countries

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New Market Access Guide Russia

Russia Product Compliance – First Publication

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