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CE marking:
Mandatory or Optional?

At times only the experts
can still see the trees in
forest of product labels,
s this example on a laptop power supply unit illustrates. Can you tell which labels are mandatory and which are optional?

Comprehensive product compliance management

Many companies are successful beyond their national borders or are planning to expand internationally. However, ascertaining relevant statutory product specifications for export markets in Europe or worldwide is a major challenge. For you, as the manager, it is important that you acquire and efficiently administer the necessary knowledge. Individual departments often only have detailed knowledge of one part of the picture. All the pieces of regulatory information have to be collected by hand, a time-consuming process. Rarely are enough resources planned and allocated for this, nor the corresponding Regulatory Intelligence procedures in place.

Get support from the experts on regulatory intelligence

The biggest challenge in product compliance management (PCM) is to ensure that all relevant employees are aware of how important and complex PCM is in the product development process. A central contact point, staffed by an experienced information partner is needed to answer complex questions – a specialist who facilitates neutral access to reliable information.

You'll find these specialists at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE. Our combination of legal and technical expertise is one of our unique selling points and produces truly accurate and reliable results. We offer consulting services for all phases of product development. You can even count on us during a crisis.

We have created a knowledge tool – GLOBAL conformity – which provides information on current regulatory market approval requirements worldwide. And our market access guides will give you a reliable overview of relevant national regulations.

License or certification – mandatory or highly regarded?

The experts at GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE differentiate for you between mandatory market approval requirements and optional market requirements based on voluntary certifications. So you can distinguish between the necessaries and the optionals with ease – a clear message you can rely on.

GLOBALNORM COMPLIANCE ensures transparency so you know what exactly needs to be done.